March 26th to 27th, 2020

March 24th to 25th, 2020
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Doctorial symposium

March 23rd, 2020

I-ESA 2020 Calls

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  • Call for Tracks, Special Sessions and Workshops

    I-ESA2020 is glad to receive proposals for tracks (2 or more special sessions), special sessions (4-5 papers) and workshops (which can last from 1.5 hours up to an entire day), focused on the theme of the conference and its relevant topics.

    This is a great opportunity for the growing community of researchers, innovators, industrialists and engineers to share their insights, projects and case studies that address the conference theme "Interoperability In the ERA of AI". Ideas or proposals for tracks, special sessions or workshops should be communicated by email to

  • Call for papers

    The I-ESA conference connects the world's leading researchers and practitioners of enterprise interoperability and related domains, including interoperability aspects of enterprise systems and application. It joins new business models, smart services, IoT and Cloud technologies. All these current and future technologies cannot work smoothly without interoperability. I-ESA will be an outstanding opportunity to exchange experiences and business ideas between researchers, service providers, entrepreneurs and industrial stakeholders throw research papers.

    The Conference welcomes submissions of full papers in the scope of the conference. The maximum paper length is 10 pages. Accepted papers will be published in "Enterprise Interoperability IX (2020)". It will be indexed in Web of Science (WoS) in the "Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science" which is inside the "Web of Science Core Collection" and in SCOPUS.

  • Opportunity for research projects and networking meetings

    I-ESA2020 offers you the opportunity to disseminate your research project activities and results, by organizing a Workshop or Special Session with Paper Presentations, under the scope of your project and the conference relevant topics. Presented papers will be published in the digital conference proceedings.

    I-ESA2020 will offer meeting rooms to conference participants for holding their project meetings, for those who want to organize a networking meeting.

About I-ESA 2020


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This edition of I-ESA has the subtitle “Interoperability in the era of Artificial Intelligence“. Establishing efficient and relevant collaborations requires management of interoperability in a dynamic, evolving production network: a relevant and efficient collaboration of organizations requires continual adaptation to remain in line with potentially changing objectives, potentially evolving resources, unexpected events, etc. This specific aspect of interoperability will be the keystone of I-ESA 2020.

Furthermore, the topics of I-ESA 2020 are aligned with the vision presented in the framework program Horizon 2020 regarding interoperability: Enterprise interoperability and Innovation, Interoperability strategies for Digital and Sensing Enterprise, System Interoperability in Internet of everything ; Collaborative manufacturing and logistics.

I-ESA 2020 welcomes papers addressing the topics listed below, but this list is not exclusive: all papers relevant to enterprise interoperability and related topics will be considered in the review process.

Main Tracks

  • Architectures and Frameworks for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: David Chen (FR)
  • Future Internet Architecture and Enterprise Systems
    • Chair: Ernesto Exposito (FR)
  • Enterprise Interoperability Science Base
    • Chair: Ricardo Goncalves (PT)
  • Manufacturing Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Farouk Belkadi (FR)
  • Standards for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Martin Zelm (DE)
  • Enterprise Modelling for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Gregory Zacharewicz (FR)
  • Collaborative Supply Networks for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Raul Poler (ES)
  • Semantics and Artificial intelligence for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Nejib Moalla (FR)
  • Sustainability of Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Carlos Agostinho (PT)
  • Industrial Implementation of Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Thomas Knothe (DE)
  • Reference Ontologies for Manufacturing
    • Chair: Emilio Sanfilippo (FR)
  • Platforms for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Arne Berre (NO)
  • Services Innovation for Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Frederick Benaben (FR)
  • Big Data and the Enterprise Interoperability
    • Chair: Rubén de Juan
  • Interoperability for industry 4.0
    • Chair: Bernard Grabot (FR)



Click on the title of a committe to expand the corresponding members' list
    Co-chair: Jean-Paul Bourrières, FR
    Co-chair: Ricardo Gonçalves, PO
    Chair: Yves Ducq, INTEROP-VLab
    Vice-chair: Bernard Archimède, INP-ENIT
    • Ricardo Goncalves, Portuguese Pole
    • Raul Poler, Interval pole
    • Guy Doumeingts, INTEROP-VLab
    • Sophie-Agnes Fensterbank, INTEROP-VLab
    Chair: Bob Young, Loughborough University
    Vice-chair: Hedi Karray, INP-ENIT
    Chair: Bernard Archimède, INP-ENIT
    Vice-chair: Raymond Houé Ngouna, INP-ENIT
    Vice-chair: Hedi Karray, INP-ENIT
    Chair: Martin Zelm, INTEROP-VLab
    Vice-chair: Guy Doumeingts, INTEROP-Vlab
    Vice-chair: Raymond Houé Ngouna, INP-ENIT
  • Doctoral Symposium COMMITTEE
    Co-chair: Néjib Moalla, University of Lyon2
    Vice-chair: Gregory Zacharewicz, IMT Mines Alès
  • International Programme Committee Members
    Achim Karduck, Furtwangen University, DE
    Alain Bernard, Centrale Nantes, FR
    Americo B. Cunha, University of Western Ontario, CA
    Andreas Opdahl, University of Bergen, NO
    Andrew West, Loughborough University, UK
    Anne Marie Barthe-Delanoe, INP-ENSIACET, FR
    Angel Ortiz, Univ. Politécnica Valencia, ES
    Antonio De Nicola, ENEA, IT
    Arne Berre, SINTEF, NO
    Arturo Molina, Monterrey Inst. of Technology, MX
    Axel Hahn, University of Oldenburg, DE
    Bernard Archimède, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes, FR
    Bernard Grabot, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes, FR
    Bruno Vallespir, University of Bordeaux, FR
    Boonserm Kulvatunyou, NIST, USA
    Carlos Agostinho, UNINOVA, PT
    Chantal Reynaud, LRI, FR
    Chihab Hanachi, Univ. Toulouse 1, FR
    Christophe Merlo, Estia, FR
    Claudia Diamantini, Universita Politechnica Delle Marche, IT
    Colin Piddington, TANet, UK
    David Chen, University of Bordeaux, FR
    Dimitris Kiritsis, EPFL, CH
    Elyes Lamine, ISIS, FR
    Emilio Sanfilippo, Université de Tours, FR
    Ernesto Exposito, UPPA, FR
    Farouk Belkadi, Ecole Centrale de Nantes FR
    Frank-Walter Jäkel, Fraunhofer IPK, DE
    Frederick Benaben, Ecoles des Mines d’Albi, FR
    Georg Weichhart, PROFACTOR, AT
    Gregory Zacharewicz, Ecole des mines d’Ales, FR
    João Pedro Mendonça, Universidade do Minho, PT
    Jörg Reiff-Stephan,Technical University Wildau, DE
    Hervé Panetto, Université de Nancy, FR
    Hervé Pingaud, ISIS, FR
    Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Bremen Univ. BIBA, DE
    Mamadou Traoré, University of Bordeaux, FR
    Martin Wollschlaeger, TU Dresden, DE
    Martin Zelm, Interop-Vlab, BE
    Nada Matta, Université de Technologie de Troyes, FR
    Nejib Moalla, Université de Lyon2, FR
    Nicolas Daclin, Ecoles de Mines d’Ales, UK
    Raul Poler, Univer. Politècnica Valencia, ES
    Ricardo Goncalves, Uninova, PT
    Rubén de Juan, ITI, ES
    Raymond Houé Ngouna, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes, FR
    Sergio Gusmeroli, Politecnico di Milano, IT
    Thomas Knothe, Fraunhofer IPK, DE
    Vincent Chapurlat, Ecoles de Mines d’Ales, FR
    Yacine Ouzrout, University of Lyon 2, FR
    Yves Ducq, University of Bordeaux, FR


IESA-2020 Speakers

Fernando Mas
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Comlux Aviation in Indianapolis, USA
Dimitris Kiritsis
Professor of ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing at EPFL, Switzerland

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